TAIM offers jewelry that is completely handmade and therefore unique. We work with designers in whom we perceive a shared love for this artistic jewelry. This love glows in the creations they produce.

The rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets,... are handmade and of the highest quality. Gold, silver and other precious metals, supplemented with pearls and semiprecious stones. Each piece is artisanal, artistic and authentic.


This Greek jewelry designer, is a master of his craft based in Athens. His expertise lies in crafting stunning bronze jewelry that reflects the essence of Greek culture and craftsmanship. With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the artistry of ancient Greece, Replica's creations transport wearers to a world where tradition meets contemporary design. Each handmade piece is a testament to his dedication to preserving the legacy of Greek art through unique and exquisite jewelry. Discover the timeless allure of Replica's bronze creations and own a piece of Greece's cultural heritage.

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Meet Mary, a Greek jewelry designer who weaves fabric and bronze into stunning handmade pieces. Her creations capture the essence of Greece's rich heritage, blending tradition with modern aesthetics. Each piece is a testament to her creativity and dedication, offering a unique and versatile way to carry a piece of Greek culture with you. Explore Mary's distinctive jewelry and discover the timeless beauty of fabric and bronze in perfect harmony.

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Tina Kotsoni

Tina Kotsoni, crafting her jewelry on the idyllic island of Egina, specializes in handcrafted bronze, silver, and gold pieces adorned with precious stones. Her creations are a tribute to Greek culture and natural beauty, blending tradition with modernity to produce exquisite treasures that resonate with history and myth. Discover Tina's jewelry and wear a piece of Egina's allure and Greece's rich heritage.

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Hara Karamichali

Hara Karamichali, a Greek jewelry artisan, weaves metal and stones by hand to craft exquisite, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Her creations effortlessly blend traditional techniques with modern aesthetics, resulting in unique jewelry that tells a story of Greece's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. Each piece is a wearable work of art, offering a timeless connection to Greece's artistic soul.

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Marina Panagiotoulia

Welcome to the world of Marina Panagiotoulia, the Greek jewel designer who weaves Greek heritage and contemporary elegance into every piece. Explore her captivating creations, where timeless craftsmanship meets modern sophistication. Discover jewelry that tells a unique story, embodying the essence of Greece's beauty and culture. Welcome to Marina's world of enduring elegance.

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Marilena jewelry is a contemporary Greek jewellery label creating hand-made luxury pieces. Jewellery designer, Marielena Haralabaki draws on her visual-arts background and love of natural shapes to design pieces that exist as jewellery and sculptures. JEWELS AS SMALL SCULPTURES ONE CAN WEAR

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Sofia Papalexiou

Welcome to the enchanting world of Sofia Papalexiou, a Greek jewelry designer whose creations are a beautiful fusion of Greek heritage and the wonders of nature. Sofia's jewelry, inspired by fish, animals, and more, celebrates Greece's rich culture and the beauty of the natural world. Explore her collection and adorn yourself with the artistry of Greece and the elegance of nature, masterfully crafted by Sofia.

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Tonia Makri

Tonia Makri, an Athens-based jewelry artisan, specializes in crafting handmade jewelry from exquisite gold and precious stones. Her creations are a harmonious blend of sophistication and timeless beauty, reflecting the essence of Greek culture and heritage. Explore her collection and adorn yourself with a piece of Athens' rich history and fine craftsmanship.

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