About us

Greece has a rich tradition in handmade jewelry. A tradition that has been shaped by thousands of years of history. The artisanal Greek jewelry designers of today have arisen from this legacy of knowledge and enrich it with their original creations.

TAIM seeks out these artists, who innovate with respect for the eternal. We cooperate with more modest jewelry studios that otherwise might not receive the attention they deserve for their original, unique creations. We meet all our designers personally and build lasting relationships.

Vera Van Den Wyngaert is the driving force behind TAIM, together with her husband, who is from Greece, and their two sons. Because of these family ties and an ever growing love for the Greek nature and culture, the family spends every holiday on Sifnos, one of the Cycladic islands.

This is how Vera came into contact with the local artisanal jewelry designers. The original artistry of the handmade jewels from the small studios struck a nerve, and the idea for TAIM was born. Soon the dream of announcing the unique beauty of the Greek handmade jewelry to a global audience became reality. Since 2010 TAIM has been introducing this artisanal jewelry to the rest of Europe, and the world.

The name TAIM derives from the French 'je t'aime', or 'I love you'. This intimate abbreviation is how Vera signs messages to her husband. This way the love that was TAIM's foundation forever has a prominent place.

The handmade jewelry in our collections are infused with Greek nature and culture, through their earthen tones and subtle color accents. Gold, silver, other precious metals, together with pearls and semiprecious stones. And eclectic but subdued look, in which a warm intensity softly glows.

TAIM offers you the splendor of the Greek isles, translated into stylish jewelry that weaves the classical and the original into handmade beauty.


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