Authentic artistic jewelry from Greece


Welcome to Taim

TAIM wants to introduce the world to the exceptional handmade jewelry from Greece. We seek out talented designers to bring their creations to a global audience. We visit the modest studios ourselves and maintain a personal relationship with the designers. All the pieces in the collections are handmade and therefore unique.

In our gallery you will find collections by a great number of designers. All pieces are available online for jewelers, fantasy jewelry stores, clothing stores and brands, decoration retailers, museums and galleries, flower shops, pop-up stores,...

This jewelry radiates the nature and culture of Greece. The earthen tones and rough features with their subtle color accents evoke the Mediterranean contrasts of the Greek islands and olive tree covered hills. The gold and silver and other precious metals augmented with pearls and semiprecious stones translate the ancient traditions and rich history of Greece in startling, artistic creations.


Tina Kotsoni

Hara Karamichali

Marina Panagiotoulia

Sofia Papalexiou

Tonia Makri




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